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Ourosinho - The Tradition of Flavour and Quality

The history of our "ourosinho".

The Ramiro Augusto do Vale S.A. company was founded in 1953, in Viseu, at Rua do Arco (historic city centre), under the name Ramiro Augusto do Vale Lda, and it has been operating, since then, in the retail and wholesale trade area, mainly selling cod fish and olive oil, two products that immediately became quite popular.
This great popularity led us to create our own olive oil brand in 1964, which was named OUROZINHO due to its nice and appealing golden colour. This high-quality olive oil comes in 1 L, 3 L and 5 L bottles, and we also offer other types of packages for table-serving purposes.

After 50 years, it is still one of our customers' products of choice, thanks to its velvety flavour and extremely competitive prices.